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Simon Chan

Business Coach, Speaker

and Founder of MLM Nation

Josie Tong has an incredible heart to help others and is a true servant leader.

 I’ve personally witnessed and experienced countless times where Josie goes out of her way to help someone even when she has little to gain.  

She also takes the time to listen and get to know every individual she meets.In the past few years, I’ve seen her use her business experience combined with her heart to create a following and influence in our profession.

She’s a tremendous business leader and I highly recommend her.

​Carmen Marshall

2 Star Diamond Director

Soul Craft™ Your Way To 100K, 500K + 1M

I’ve known Josie as a top leader in network marketing for many years and have always been impressed by her integrity, work ethic and her ability to lead, connect and inspire others.  But most of all her genuine desire to help - regardless of whether she benefits or not.

I’ve seen her spend countless hours leading groups, trainings and communities - for the good of all.  She’s always learning and always sharing what she learns and is such a good role model for immediately putting learning into action.


Josie is a doer AND a connector, and a wonderful role model of a balanced, heart-centered and driven entrepreneur. 

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

Author & Speaker

I have done many trainings for Josie's group over the last six years. Josie is a strong leader, but leads with her heart. Her team loves the mentorship and support she gives them.

Alyssia Barrett

Josie is an incredibly diligent, influential, authentic, and true-hearted 'momprenur', who for many years has inspired not only those she works with but also the communities in which she is part of. 

Her drive for success is contagious and commitment to achieve greatness for herself and those around her is unquestionable.

Josie has greatly impacted my entrepreneurial journey, guiding me through difficult times, teaching me leadership and always encouraging my goals and aspirations.

I look forward to continue to work with Josie for a number of years to come, thank you Josie.’

Kate Gyngell

During the years that I’ve known Josie, she has been a tremendous mentor, guide and support to me personally and an extraordinary leader and coach to many hundreds of others both here in Australia and internationally.


Josie is utterly committed to growing and developing her own knowledge and skills so that she can pay it forward to others, and I don’t know anyone else who does this so willingly and with such generosity.  The success and growth of Josie’s business is a testament to her commitment to developing herself and those around her.  


I will be eternally grateful to Josie for her mentoring, guidance, encouragement and, of course, her friendship.  At difficult times in my business, she has always been there with solutions and ideas and I appreciate her wisdom and experience greatly.


Mental Clutter is the manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination.

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