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  • You Feel Overrun in a noisy household while drowning in bills
  • You're Overworked, Got No Time To Rest And The Days Just Seem To Get LONGER 
  • You Keep Putting Yourself Last And Now Your Health Is Not What It Used To Be

Carmen Marshall

Business & Lifestyle Consultant, Soul Craft™ 

I’ve known Josie as a top leader in her field for many years and have always been impressed by her integrity, work ethic and her ability to lead, connect and inspire others.  But most of all her genuine desire to help - regardless of whether she benefits or not.

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Josie has greatly impacted my entrepreneurial journey, guiding me through difficult times, teaching me leadership and always encouraging my goals and aspirations.


Alyssia Barrett


I will be eternally grateful to Josie for her mentoring, guidance, encouragement and, of course, her friendship. At difficult times in my business, she has always been there with solutions and ideas and I appreciate her wisdom and experience greatly.


Kate Gyngell

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  6 Steps to 6 Figures

A working mum’s guide to fulfillment and financial freedom.

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