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Imagine having a mentor who shows you exactly how and what to do

Business Mentoring for Mums - Start your Ideal Business

Start Your Home Business

I help busy mums discover ideal business opportunities, earn financial freedom, and give their families an enviable lifestyle. Are you ready for real success?

Business Mentoring

With the right mentor, you can fast-track your earnings and be your own boss right now. I help mumpreneurs get real results in less time. My track record speaks for itself.

Network Marketing

Meet new people. Talk about products you love. Share solutions with solution-seekers. Have meaningful conversations, and make money. That’s network marketing.

I'm Josie Tong

I help busy mums regain control.

There is no magic “success” button. However, there is a map. As a mentor, I show mums how to skip the trial and error process to find the most profitable path to success.

To become a successful entrepreneur, you need the support of an experienced mentor

I have the experience and knowledge to guide any committed mum through the process of finding the perfect business opportunity, leverage their resources, scale their business, and navigate all the challenges that often arise.

I understand the struggle with "mum-guilt", uncertainty and insecurity, plus, I can help you get your family on board.

I have already found the perfect business opportunity for mums who are enjoying financial freedom and security while working from home with their kids right now. I have the experience and the track record to help you reach your goals and see results.

Mums who are actively working with me are earning more, living more, and loving their results.

Create an amazing lifestyle for you and your family

  • Be your own boss
  • Discover fulfilment with the right business
  • Enjoy financial independence
  • Spend more time with your family
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"Josie has greatly impacted my entrepreneurial journey, guiding me through difficult times, teaching me leadership and always encouraging my goals and aspirations."

Alyssia Barrett

small business ideas for mums

"I will be eternally grateful to Josie for her mentoring, guidance, encouragement and, of course, her friendship. At difficult times in my business, she has always been there with solutions and ideas."

Kate Gyngell

Are you ready to work with me?

I work with mums who are finally ready to run a profitable business, be their own boss, and live the life they deserve. Mums who want to show their kids how to be successful, and who want to lead by example.

I show mums how to become profitable, faster, by eliminating the question marks and providing mentorship where mums need it most. I work with mums who are willing to work and learn, and who are truly ready for success.

Now is the right time to start

  • Are you sick of your current job - making money for someone else, working on someone else’s schedule, and balancing the demands and chaos of family life?
  • Do you keep telling yourself you'll make more time for family, but the demands of work always seem to get in the way?
  • Would you like real freedom as your own boss, setting your own goals, and making things happen your way?
  • Is it time to start a dream business that finally lets you work from home, earn what you deserve, and live the life you and your family have been craving?

Josie can help you live your best life, with the right business

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

How to start your mentoring journey with me

Contact Me

Contact me to arrange your introductory session.

Introduction Session

A one-on-one discussion where we talk about you, your goals and find out if we're a good fit for mentoring.

Personalised business plan

Everyone’s journey is unique. We’ll work together to develop a personalised strategy to get you started with your business.

Ongoing support

Growing a business is a process. I’ll be with you every step of the way to help you overcome obstacles and to be there with you to celebrate your success.

6 Steps to 6 Figures

A working mum's guide to fulfillment and financial freedom

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