About Me

Hi, I’m Josie Tong.

I help busy mums regain control of their lives and build a profitable business from home by eliminating the chaos life throws at you.

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done. And that’s precisely what I did. That’s how my journey of self-awareness and love began.

So if I may...let me share my story…

At age 20, I boarded a plane for the first time in my life. I was bound for Sydney Australia from the Philippines. It was the day that changed my life forever.

Finally, my dream to be a nurse was about to become a reality.

As I buckled the seat belt on the plane for the very first time in my life, the dream of creating a better life for me and my family scrolled right in front of my eyes. The dream that I had since I was young, which was to live a better life was real and powerful. It was so tangible that I could almost feel it.

Four years after arriving in Australia, I completed my nursing training. I was fortunate to have stepped into management roles just two years after my graduation. I worked for 17 years as a Director of Nursing, marked my presence and made a significant impact in the aged care industry in Australia.

I was driven, I was committed to excellence in everything that I did. I was almost a perfectionist which didn’t serve me in the end.

In order to have achieved that, I had to work too many hours for so many years, which drained way too much energy from my body and soul.

In my 40’s, I was blessed with 2 children, but that never stopped me or pulled me down or even compelled me to think twice…

No! I continued to work long hours, rushing my kids to bed at night so I can get back to my emails, trying to be super in everything I do, because that’s what working mums are meant to be, so I thought.

After all the hard work of trying to embody the heroic figure, and at age 46, I riskily decided to quit my job with no plans ahead.  I was burnt out! I was extremely exhausted physically & mentally.

I never thought that being burnt out and stressed could evolve into making a better me. Just like a phoenix born straight from its’ ashes, as if it was exactly what I needed to have that next drastic change in my life.

Nine and a half years ago, I was introduced to a Health & Wellness company and Network Marketing that allowed me to work from home. I initially joined for health reasons. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year after I quit my job. 

I had undergone surgery and 5 weeks of radiotherapy. At that time, I was utterly exhausted, so I was looking for ways to regain my energy. I was broken in every sense of the word. I was devastated and felt that I needed something to revive the enthusiasm that I once had in me.

And then, I discovered that it was right in front of me, but I hadn’t seen it…my kids!  

They were there all along, but apparently, the chaos I was living in was building up a barrier that blocked my sight. I am glad I managed to break it, even when I was at the edge of self-destruction.

Throughout this remarkable journey, I can proudly say that I have learned that YOU is all that matters. Invest in your energy, power, and strength for yourself, so you can give the rest your very best.

Remember that no matter what kind of challenges that you go through, you will always find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and it’s only then that you will finally free yourself from the challenges and pain you have been through which may seem forever.

It’s never forgotten, and it always succeeds in leaving its scars vividly imprinted on you for as long as you live. In fact, it is because of these scars..these experiences that make us become who we are today.

Embrace them…take them in…and never let them go! 

After all, they became a part of who you really are. You are the best of what’s out there…do not allow anyone tell you different.

It is your life.

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