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Discover the Ideal business for mums that lets you work from home

Hi, I’m Josie Tong. I’m a long-time business and lifestyle mentor for busy mums. I know how to help you find the perfect business that you’ll love and that you can start and run from home.

In the past year, I’ve mentored over 60 people who have earned at least an additional $1k per month after just 3 months of working with me. 10 of those mums are already earning over $10k per month!

I’ve already done the work of raising kids while working as a nurse-director and mumpreneur. Now I’m helping mums navigate the same path so they can earn freedom and hit their goals.

"Busy mums often love being a mum but have one foot firmly anchored in chaos. Coping with burnout and feeling like you're treading water day after day, doesn’t have to be the norm."

You can build a fulfilling life by finding the right small business idea and the right mentor to help you get your new life off the ground.

Business ideas for mums

There are endless lists of business ideas for mums. But how do you find the perfect business for you?

It doesn’t take guesswork. It takes experience. There several types of businesses that I’ve seen mums try:

  • You could establish a bricks and mortar style business. This will let you serve customers directly and provide them with goods and services they need.
  • You could become a freelancer by leveraging professional services and skills you have already obtained.
  • You might consider opening a franchise. Whether it’s a gym, restaurant, car wash, or laundromat, franchise management can be rewarding.

Do these businesses work?

Traditional businesses options have their pros, but they usually require a great deal of capital to get off the ground. You might also need to spend significant time to set them up since there is no existing business system. Several of these options will require you to spend time outside your home, away from the family; they might also need a high level of technical expertise for you to succeed, meaning that you'll need to complete additional study or training before you can even start.

Is there a better Home Business for mums?

Of all the businesses I’ve seen mums start when they’re looking to make more money from home or quit their job, network marketing has helped clients produce better results than any other. Network marketing is a powerful opportunity that is easy to enter, easy to build, and exciting to conquer. I built a six-figure business using network marketing, so I know how it works and how to make it work for you. Plus, out of all the businesses I’ve helped mums build over the years, network marketing has been the easiest for them to get into while producing the fastest results.

Start a business that can give you the lifestyle you want

Find out how to start your ideal home business today!

Why is it important to choose the right business?

Today, working mums with established careers and professional lives are transitioning from traditional jobs to building their own businesses that allow them to craft a high-quality, enviable life for themselves and their families. What you have to look forward to if you choose this path?

  • Work from home
  • Choose your working hours
  • Lead and empower other busy mums
  • Inspire your children to create their own destiny
  • Finally live a life you built for yourself
  • Enjoy a secure financial future
  • Be your own boss

How can you make all this happen?

The truth is, a successful home business doesn’t happen overnight, and building your ideal life requires a great mentor.

The right mentor will know how to make you and your business thrive. They’ll know what works, what doesn’t, and how to navigate common pitfalls.

Could Network Marketing be the right business for you?

I've built multiple 6-figure network marketing businesses and I've also helped other mums set up their own network marketing businesses, helping them earn an extra $10,000+ a month or more.

Here's why I think Network marketing is the best business for mums to start:

  • You can work from home
  • You get a great mentor to help you
  • No limit to your earnings
  • Low start-up costs
  • Established business system
  • More freedom
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"Josie has greatly impacted my entrepreneurial journey, guiding me through difficult times, teaching me leadership and always encouraging my goals and aspirations."

Alyssia Barrett

small business ideas for mums

"I will be eternally grateful to Josie for her mentoring, guidance, encouragement and, of course, her friendship. At difficult times in my business, she has always been there with solutions and ideas."

Kate Gyngell

Why is network marketing a great business for stay at home mums?

Network marketing is all about sharing. By talking about products you already love with people who are already looking for the solutions your products offer, you’re having conversations that matter, and making money.

Network marketing focuses on meeting new people and sharing solutions or products you’ve found that they will love. If they aren’t a good fit, you don’t need to be a product pusher.

Network marketing is just like telling someone about a great new restaurant you’ve found, a favourite new activity your child loves, or a new favourite song. The difference is, when they try it for themselves and realise the benefits, you make some money. If they find they love it as much as you do and want to help you sell, you make even more money.

Find out how Josie can help you start your
6-figure business

Does network marketing work?

Network marketing has worked across industries for decades and continues to be a wonderful fit for mums because every mum can find something she loves and wants to share with the world. Thousands of mums across the world have built successful businesses by partnering with companies like:

business ideas for mums

This cookware giant has been around for decades, and the Tupperware brand is famous for quality. You sell helpful and essential kitchen products as well as recruit others to sell to their kitchen-friendly network.

business ideas for mums

Purpose based aromatherapy. DoTerra are leaders in essential oils and have capitalised on changing consumer focus towards natural therapies. They own their respective category and their representatives sell essential oils and warmers

business ideas for mums

A wellness and personal care company that has a reputation for having science-backed products, consistently on the top twenty list of network marketing companies. Their growing success is attributed to the holistic approach they take to supporting their consultants.

business ideas for mums

A long-time company in the beauty category, their beauty consultants have enjoyed a long history of income opportunities. Avon still enjoys a great deal of brand recognition among some generations

Start your home business with amazing products and support

My Life Vantage Business has helped me generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of income for myself and other mums.

As a nurse, I need to know that the products I’m sharing, especially in the health and wellness space, are really offering value. Life Vantage has evidence that makes sense to me and that I can get behind. Plus, they understand that as a health and wellness coach, you’re not just interested in helping yourself and others optimise their overall wellbeing, although that’s vital. You’re intentionally elevating your position and building your very own legacy, and that really matters.

Josie can help you with the perfect home business

Instead of chasing work-life balance, discover the freedom of work-life alignment. You call the shots, and you only build a business that makes sense for your desired family lifestyle.

You need a mentor. You need an experienced mentor.

I've already found perfect business opportunities for mums who are enjoying financial freedom and security while working from home with their kids right now. I can help you too.

  • Finally align personal and professional priorities
  • Work through “mum-guilt” and other common challenges busy mums face every day.
  • Create agreements with spouses and kids so everyone is on board with mum growing a wildly successful business.
  • Learn how to manage time, communication, and business decisions to better support your goals.
  • Have a meaningful impact on your kids world view when you lead by example and inspire them to take control of their futures.
  • Acquire lifelong sales and marketing skills to help you earn the trust of your clients and become the salesperson they enjoy buying from!

I can mentor you through all of these and more. But you have to take the first step.

How to start your mentoring journey with me

Contact Me

Contact me to arrange your introductory session.

Introduction Session

A one-on-one discussion where we talk about you, your goals and find out if we're a good fit for mentoring.

Personalised business plan

Everyone’s journey is unique. We’ll work together to develop a personalised strategy to get you started with your business.

Ongoing support

Growing a business is a process. I’ll be with you every step of the way to help you overcome obstacles and to be there with you to celebrate your success.