How to give your GUT what It needs - Josie Tong

How to give your GUT what It needs

In business and in life we rely on our gut instincts. But have you ever thought about the physical health of your gut?

I know, it’s not really something we like to talk about in polite company. But it’s mission critical.

We really are what we eat!

The modern diet is way out of whack. Almost everything is processed, and it seems that we’ve found ways to process the health out of our food. This makes food cheaper to produce, but it can harm our body in some surprising ways.

The food we eat spends a significant amount of time in our gut. The gut is where we process our food.

The modern diet can be the equivalent of pouring a tub of grease down your garbage disposal. It’s not going to go well.

The end result is a gut “biome” that is out of whack. The thousands of bacteria that breakdown food are heavily influenced by what we feed ourselves. As our diet becomes unhealthy, so does every aspect of our gut.

This is a HUGE problem for people that want to reach their full potential.

The health of your gut has a direct impact on both your mental and physical health.

If you’re struggling with health challenges, do me a favor and give an “elimination diet” a try. According Mark Hyman, M.D., it’s best to avoid “…gluten, dairy, yeast, corn, soy and eggs.”

Instead, fill your plate with “…fiber-rich vegetables, low-sugar fruits, non-gluten grain, and legumes.”

You can have an impact on your health right away, and the results will really shine through in a week or two. People with a healthy gut enjoy some pretty great side-effects: weight-loss, improved mood, increased energy and healthier looking skin.

Who doesn’t want that?