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Meet Josie Tong

Having worked as a Director of Nursing for 17 years, Josie marked her presence and made a significant impact in the aged care industry in Australia.

But her achievements came at a cost... She had to work many hours for so many years, which in turn drowned much of her energy from her body and soul.

Having battled breast cancer, underwent surgery and 5 weeks of radiotherapy, she was utterly exhausted.

Feeling broken in every sense of the word, she was looking for ways to regain her energy. Josie was devastated and felt that she really needed something to revive the enthusiasm that she once had.

Being the strong woman that she is, Josie picked herself up and built a successful business that spans across the globe.

She's developed a DEEP understanding of the strong relationship between effectively managing stress and quality of life.


Today she's passionate about helping people improve their quality of life and THRIVE in the workplace!

Managing Energy In The Workplace is crucial for any business

Without proper guidance it's easy for anybody to find themselves in a cyclical rut and that's not good for anyone.


Fortunately it's a common problem that can be eliminated with the right management to help you and your team raise and restore energy to create a workday (and life) you love.

What You'll Learn

Stress Management

Effective Stress Management Strategies

Increase Energy

How to get your nutrition right for

lasting energy


Take control of your work day

Personal Boundaries

Identify and eliminate your overwhelm

Winning Relationships

Create meaningful workplace connections

Quality Of Life

Improve your quality of life overall

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