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10 Best Jobs for Stay at Home Mums

If you’re a stay at home mum looking for the best jobs contribute to your family’s financial future, you’re in the right place!

I’ve been where you are. Over the past decade, I’ve figured out how to make a six-figure salary by finding the best business for mums without sacrificing valuable time with my two daughters, and I’d like to share some insights I’ve learned along the way.

First, a word of caution:

There are many, many work from home scams out there. In my role as a mentor dedicated to helping working mums succeed, I’ve seen my fair share of get rich quick ideas. Sadly, many seem to prey on people looking for financial help for single mums. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Again, my journey to six figures took me a decade of hard work and dedication to figure out. Now I’m on a mission to help people like you avoid some of the pitfalls and difficulties I experienced, so that your journey can take a lot less time to be life-changing.

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My #1 Recommendation for Stay at Home Mum Jobs

My favourite method for building a six-figure income from home is by working with an experienced network marketing team. When you’re just starting out, it can be hard to focus your efforts on learning the most important things you need in order to succeed.

The most frustrating feeling in business is when you’re putting in the time, but you feel like you’re just running in place – you’re not growing personally or financially.

Network marketing is a business structure I’ve used to generate life-changing income for my family, without sacrificing important time with my family.

The key benefit is that you are surrounded by a team of winners on day one. Your mentors are financially interested in your success. Did you notice I wrote mentors, as in MORE THAN ONE? This is a huge benefit to network marketing. You gain a diverse set of perspectives, guided by real experience.

If you’d like to learn more about network marketing, I encourage you to get in touch with me by clicking here.

Part-time and full-time jobs for stay at home mums

Network marketing isn’t for everyone. We might talk and find out we aren’t the perfect fit (I hope not!), so I also want to point out some other income opportunities for stay at home mums in Australia.

And, if we get the opportunity to work together, I always recommend that mums dedicated to supporting their family work hard to build more than one stream of income. Here are a few other opportunities for working mums to develop new sources of income:


You may have unique experiences that companies can benefit from. Take a moment to brainstorm how your past experiences can help today’s businesses. Define your area of expertise. Then start reaching out.

Freelance Writer

The world runs on content. Think about how many words you read every day – from your smartphone to your time spent running errands. Content is everywhere! If you have a gift for communicating information to people in a way that helps businesses grow, you’ve got an amazing opportunity to work from a laptop and an internet connection.

Virtual Assistant

Think about how many times you’ve felt stressed out and needed a little help knocking out your to-do list. Business owners have this problem in an even bigger way. They’re constantly putting out fires, juggling competing priorities and struggling to stay organized. Virtual Assistants provide remote support for busy professionals, executives and entrepreneurs.

Freelance Jobs for stay at home mums

If you’re wondering where to start looking for jobs for mums, you’re in luck! The mums I’ve mentored have used these gig-economy platforms to generate new income streams to support their family and their dreams:


Airtasker is a platform dedicated to helping people, including mums in Australia, provide on-demand services to their community and the world. Someone that needs something done (from furniture assembly to design work) posts a task and suggest a reasonable budget. Then qualified individuals can apply to complete the work.


Fiverr empowers stay at home mums to show off their skills and creativity for the world to buy. Instead of submitting proposals for job openings, you create a “gig” – set the price, scope of work and delivery timeframe. With a little profile optimization, you can attract companies and individuals from around the world that need your help.


UpWork (previously Elance-oDesk) allows working mums to work from home in a variety of positions. You can provide customer service for customers, design beautiful logos, contribute to marketing campaigns or perform research and analysis for companies around the world. Create a profile, get verified and submit a proposal for a job posting. It’s that easy!

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Home Business Ideas for Mums

While part-time, full-time, and freelance jobs can let you work from home, starting a home business can help you earn money while you sleep.

In case you missed it before, my #1 recommendation for stay-at-home-mums looking to earn more money is network marketing. The low upfront costs, proven business strategy and working with an amazing mentor from day 1 has made it possible for me to help more mums succeed in business than any other strategy.

If The more work you complete and the more glowing reviews you earn, the easier it becomes to earn more work.

You could build a business from a side-hustle on a site like UpWork, but I think there are better opportunities out there for working mums to support their family long-term.

I like to use side-hustles to generate working capital for launching and growing a more lucrative business opportunity.

Design and Sell a Physical Product

More than 2,000 new patents are filed by Australian citizens every year. That’s an exciting statistic. It means we’re an inventive culture and people are boldly bringing their idea to the market to see if it will be successful.

Have you ever had an idea for a new product, or an improvement to an existing one, pop into your head as you’re waiting for the light to turn green. What’s holding you back from turning that idea into a product that could be sold to generate income for your family?

Some examples include jewellery, crafts, household tools and anything else you can imagine. If you think it would be useful, or make the world a little more beautiful, you should think about turning your idea into reality.

Digital Products (Downloadable Items)

Do you enjoy writing, making music, coding, video production or any of the other endless possibilities creative people can make on their computer? Downloadable, digital products are really popular. And the best part is you don’t have to worry about the inventory hassles of physical products.

Let your spirit shine through into your creation. Then create a website or find a listing site to sell it.

Build and Monetize a Blog

Blogging is one of the most flexible small business ideas for mums. Think about your experiences and expertise. What could you share with the world to entertain and inform the rest of us?

To monetize your blog, you’ll want a product to sell. For example, I use my blog to promote my coaching and mentoring program. You could sell physical products, digital downloads or generate revenue through on-site advertisements.

It’s totally up to you!

Provide Services to Local Customers at Home or Work

How many times have you wished your hairdresser would come to your home and style your hair? Car repairs are never convenient, but having the mechanic come to your home and work on your car in your driveway would make a stressful situation a little less complicated, right?

Find opportunities to practice your craft in your community. Figure out your skillset and market yourself as the most convenient choice to get things done. As you build a list of repeat clients, you could even get your friends involved in making life a little easier (and more lucrative) for everyone!

These are just a few business ideas for stay at home mums (Australia specific). It shouldn’t be so hard to build a home business for mums, but we do have unique requirements. We’re accountable to more than ourselves.

Don’t be afraid to say no and keep searching for the right opportunity to support yourself and your family. I’m a firm believer in the “less is more” principle.

Find the right mix of income streams for you. You don’t have to chase every opportunity. Once you find one or two that work well, you’ll really begin to build your income snowball!

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