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I worked for 17 years as director of nursing and made a significant impact in the aged care industry in australia and produced multiple 7 figure revenue for the organisation. i liked the sound of being the top producer. i was hooked on the accolades. in order to continue to deliver results, i worked very long hours. i worked 50-70 hours/week. i was a workaholic.

In my 40’s, i was blessed with 2 children. i continued to work long hours, rushing my kids to bed at night so i can get back to my emails. i did that day in day out including most weekends. 

Being burnt out and stressed became a blessing. my desire not to go back to a job was the driving force for me to find other options. coincidence or not...the year that i was looking for solutions, i was introduced to a health & wellness company and network marketing. initially, i joined for health reasons. i was diagnosed with breast cancer a year after i quit my job. i had undergone surgery and 5 weeks of radiotherapy. i was completely exhausted so i was looking for supplements to help with my energy. i joined on the spot because i was interested in the products. 

However, four weeks after i joined, i researched and understood the business opportunity that i had in my hands. so, i decided to work the business full time. nine years on, i am inspired everyday to help others to earn income from home while they spend quality time with their kids. as a single mum, i know that working from home has absolutely blessed me with time flexibility, earning more than i did when i was working and most importantly.

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